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Dedham Residence


A 2,400 sf  split-level house built in the 1960's was completely modified into a Frank LLoyd Wright influenced Usonian home that is characterized with native materials, cantilvered overhangs, passive solar heating and natural cooling, natural light with clerestory windows, multiple fireplaces and radiant floor heating. A strong visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces was an important requirement by the owners for their year round use.

Newton Residence

A 2,000 sf split-level house built in 1952 on a quarter of an acre site was transformed into a 3,200 sf open floor plan home. The owner's strong desire for the top-to-bottom renovation resulted in an efficient design that elegantly enhanced the home. While working with the constrained foundation and footprint, all the primary rooms were repositioned to transform the home to become the center of family life. The split-level diminutive massing was altered into a unified massing reflective of the light-filled alteration. 

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